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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Notice of Sale or NOS


Ok, so on to our next exciting category of prospecting. Notice of Sale, or Lis Pendens. You know, now that the property is getting closer to the foreclosure deadline, 52% of these homeowners will sell within 12 months.

In fact, I mentioned previously that many of the agents I’ve coached over the years have worked NoDs. One of the things that they’ve often told me is that the NoD homeowner is a little bit in denial. You know, they think they can fix it. They have time. But as they get closer to this deadline, to the Notice of Sale and the ultimate foreclosure, now they realize it’s time to take action.

In fact, some agents prefer to wait to approach them until this critical phase. My thought is, why not approach them over here, on the NoD, and then if they don’t get into reality and put the home on the market, now we approach them again as the deadline is getting closer. Be direct. You know, they know you’re not their friend, don’t be overly sympathetic. But be helpful. And let them know that, you know, maybe it’s not their fault. Many people are in their situation, and that you’re happy to help and that you’re going to do so with, you know, some caring, integrity, and help them get through this, and ultimately not lose all of the equity in their home.

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