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Be Informed – Open House Greeting

Of the entire process of selling a home to the right buyer, you have very few instances to make a strong first impression, and the importance of the open house greeting cannot be overstressed. It sounds relatively simple, "Welcome to our open house. This four bedroom, three bath home stands out with a highly competitive price point of $165,000." Unfortunately, too much information will overwhelm and make potential buyers skittish of your understanding of their wants and needs.

Realty News – Spring Housing Outlook

The spring season means more than warmer temperatures and longer days. Traditionally, it is also the season of property listings and open houses. After a long, brutal winter, buyers and sellers are both eager to get started on their home buying journey. What can we expect to see as the spring real estate market heats up this season?

Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Estate Sales

So next we’re going to talk about another category that I think doesn’t occur to very many agents. Estate sales. So, this is an interesting one because we don’t know if they’re selling, and yet, I read something years ago that was a ridiculous statistic, like 90% of people who sell their home call a plumber before they call a realtor. So, the leaky toilet, the dripping faucet. Well, isn’t an estate sale a little bit like that?