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CAR Expo 2017 – Movoto


I’m here with Cynthia can Taurus with Movoto so tell us about Movoto if you could please I just first I solved if you guys was yesterday so I’m curious to know and I’m sure if you words of truth new as well what is Movoto The real estate is an online brokerage we’ve been around since 2004 for quite large me about a hundred million visitors a year. Our website and we’re here announcing at the car Expo the fact that we’re opening up physical properties in California we start in Fresno and very quickly to Portsmouth came to the market share Sacramento Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay area so we’re here having a great Expo we won first place as you saw it which is a fabulous really excited about that and it’s great it’s a really great Expo we’re having a really good time Cut us yesterday was all of the color right and then just all of the energy really from your group right so I mean if you really that is what brokerage at move out it was all about I’m sure it’s going to track a lot of people because you really have had a crowd around your place with the energy enthusiasm first place that’s cool The photos are great company really closed we have a lot of fun as you can tell and we really try to spread the word about the photo here at the event. 4 / USA and you’ll get all the information that we’re sharing here at the event for the time make your 3 reports of surprise box thank you

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