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Debbies’ Tip’s – Taking Action!


I guess welcome to Debbie Tip’s. alright today we’re talking about taking action you know I find that one of the best cures for a slump either production or just that mental slump you know that feeling of being a little bit sluggish a little bit down the best curious take aggressive action so when you outline a great plan for your day when you really work on kicking up your prospecting into high gear getting out in front of some people going out and seeing some properties when you’re moving when your groovin when you’re taking action even if the results do not Opportunities and really it’s not long before you start to see some result plus you go home at the end of the day and you can feel really proud of those actions that you took now one of the tools that we have it excellium which really helps you measure if you had an action-packed day is our success menu now course if you’re already in excellium client you have access to this on your Elite agents online website now if you’re not an Excel Liam client and you’d like a copy just email me Debbie at excellium. Calm and I’ll be happy to get that out to you because you see this is a great little document that each and every day helps you create your own successful day track and measure your progress and hit a point value of 30 points that shows you that well even if I didn’t make a sale or take a listing I had a great day I was in in action and I know that the results will come For a slump is activity have a great day I’ll talk to you soon


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