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Mentor Mondays – Prioritizing Your Leads

If you’re like most real estate agents, you probably have a list of people somewhere who are prospective leads. These could be people you met at an open house, people who called you, people whose doors you knocked, etc. Wherever you got them, it’s important to have good followup with these leads, and this week’s […]

Mentor Mondays – Who’s afraid of buying a house?

As anyone who’s worked with buyers can attest, being a buyers’ agent is more than just a financial facilitator. While some buyers don’t need hand-holding, others are preoccupied and distracted by a wide range of worries. By understanding those worries, and being prepared to respond to them (or even addressing them before they arise), you […]

Mentor Mondays – The Buyer Love Letter

In this Mentor Mondays, Jeff Petsche explains why a classic real estate marketing tool, the Buyer Love Letter, is not only a good general tool to have in your kit, but is especially useful in today’s market, where housing inventory can be painfully low. It’s important, as a buyer’s agent, to be proactive looking for […]