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Be Informed: Brand in Association with Franchises


If a business is successful, chances are creating a franchise will also be successful. Franchises capitalize on real success and apply it in many different ways, not least of which is the brand itself. Imagine the biggest fast food chain in the world. The chain has stores all over and they all have one main thing in common, their brand. They all use the same brand, the same logo, and the same marketing tactics to improve sales for all franchises of the business. The corporate locations of the business use their considerable ties to advertising and all of the franchises benefit from it.

A brand grows stronger because all of the franchises are moving toward the same goal: the betterment of the brand. Franchises in the same company from all across the country dedicate themselves to providing the same business model to their customers. These kinds of franchises are called turn key businesses. This means the model is set up, all the franchisee needs to do is keep the status quo and the business will basically succeed. The brand benefits from this status quo because the customers who patronize are expecting a certain experience and when they get that experience they crystallize it and it becomes part of their long term memory as a pleasant interaction.

A franchise is not just riding the coat tails of the initial business. Far from it. Every new business has to continue to move the brand recognition and awareness forward. This is especially true if the business is not quite as well known as the largest box store chain in the world or the biggest fast food chain. Smaller businesses also benefit greatly from brand recognition and brand association. They can also feel the detriment if the business treats customers poorly. Businesses that do not hold up their branch of the family tree so to speak can bring down the brand reputation for the entire brand.

A brand that shows creativity and the proper application of scientific research will thrive. People have to feel like they are looking at something that was created for them. The science will help the artist know exactly what will appeal to the customer. It will take all of the market research and roll it into a model that is near fool proof. If a business owner can combine these two elements they will find themselves rolling in more money than they ever have before.

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