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Debbies’ Tip’s – Hold the line on commission

Hello it's Debbie De Grote and welcome to Debbie's Tips and today we're going to talk about how to hold the line on commission now of course we all know that Commission's are negotiable by law so therefore as a great salesperson it falls on you to really prove to the seller that you are worth the rate of commission

Be Informed: Ask Yourself – What is different about then than now?

Ask yourself this question……..How often have we said, I wish I knew what I know now when I was 23, I would kill it. So ask yourself this question….what is different about then than now?

Debbies’ Tip’s – If it’s not in your schedule it doesn’t exist.

Have you heard this before? “If it’s not in your schedule it doesn't exist.” but what does this really mean it means that top producers know that they must perfect and stick with their daily routine they also know