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Debbies’ Tip’s – Knowing Your Competition


I welcome to the Debbie’s tip today alright we’re going to talk about something a little crazy today knowing your enemy now when I say that obviously we know that the competing agent out there in our Market is in our enemy in the strongest sense and yet if you think about it it’s a pretty competitive environment and I know that when you get out there you want to compete and when you know I remember many years ago my broker gave me a book and the book was entitled The Warfare secrets of Attila the Hun now I’m not telling you to go get that book is You want to win in battle you must know your enemy their strengths their weaknesses and where are those opportunities and threats right so you’ve all heard of the SWOT analysis strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats so we won’t have a strategy and one way to do that is no the competitors in your market now I’m not saying you’re going to go there’s a difference though and talking trash and also when you know their strength you’re going to stay away from those areas were you may not be as strong and you’re going to talk about the areas where you know you are you are strong and you absolutely could beat them hands down okay so all we’re saying is just like if you were going into battle you need a strategy you need a game plan and you you need to know your enemy and I guess that goes back to being well-prepared for each and every opportunity and competitive appointments okay have a great day and like I said don’t go get that book it wasn’t very good alright I’ll talk to you soon.

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