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Debbies’ Tip’s – Money and Profit for a Real Estate Agent


Hello welcome to Debbie’s tips today we’re going to talk about money and profit you know what’s really interesting is a lot of real estate agents really don’t like to talk about their money now they like to make money they like to talk about making more money but when it really comes down to talking about their own personal finances to looking at their own financial situation they don’t like What you think about your business and I’d I really would hope for you that it’s not 5 years from now and you’re struggling and worried about where the next deal will come from what I would like you to do is really sit down and examine your financial future We can do as long as we want nobody’s going to force you to retire you know I remember a great agent in Long Beach California Charles Lane he was still selling multimillion-dollar Homes at the age of about 8889 when he passed away and he had lots of money but he wasn’t doing it for the money he did it because he loved it but he was very good at budgeting managing saving his money so he was retired orrible he just didn’t choose to retire so want you to be sure you have a great CPA I want you to make sure you’re putting money aside for your taxes I want you to visit your money every month look at your pending pipeline your expenses I want you to think carefully before you buy the next to lure toy that’s going to save the day of your business I want you to really be conscientious about where your money is going how it’s invested and let’s work to have a six-month Reserve account it will really relieve a lot of stress and a lot of pressure and let’s work on that goal of being retired arable so you’re working because you want to not because you have to alright have a great day I’ll talk to you soon

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