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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Out of State Absentee Owners

Out of state absentee owners, in my thinking, are some of the best. You know, you can call the absentee owners that, you know, live in Irvine and have a rental in Irvine, but think about this.

Tech Tuesday’s – Express Cash Flow

Real Estate agents and brokers are just like all small business owner’s, you need money in order to grow your business. Trouble is, your commission doesn’t get paid until after a bunch of other people do their jobs, even after you’ve done yours.

Be Informed – Who is the customer?

The following video is to exercise your thoughts around whom and how do you engage your clients to extract key points of interest to develop the relationship and motivation of their decisions regarding real estate. These questions will assist you in planning a detailed controlled interview of your clients to properly direct your most important goals and focus leading to a final sale.