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Winning with SEO – Your Competition


Hey there welcome back to Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. Last week we talked about content a schedule. You know the past we’ve covered keywords, themes, So you get a good idea what you need to create. The types of content that can be created images, video and last week specifically we talked about a schedule for it so hopefully you’ve done that. I hope we’re already creating content posting things. The other piece you need to look at is you know as you’re getting ideas for the stuff, who are you competing with what are they posting. So wanna talk about today is your competition, you want to look at in the past. Have a look at your competition, just kinda skim it and get an idea for what they’re posting. Now it’s time to take a little more seriously. Go on to Google, type in whatever keywords and themes you think are important like commercial real estate as I keep using and see who shows up in your area. You

know, maybe put a specific city commercial real estate city-state. So you know who’s really competing in your area take those top five people and start watching them on a regular basis. I mean, maybe even set Google Alerts a few check Google Alerts you can put a keyword you put a people’s names and Google will email you whenever those people are showing up in

Google. Whenever picks them up, indexes them so you should do that. Take your top five

competitors, look at their sites, set up Google words, read to their sites, subscribe to the blog if they have one, subscribe to their RSS feed. However they’re getting their content out. Start watching it, because you want to not necessarily copy them a course but you want to know what they’re posting. You want to be able to maybe respond with your own opinions or posts similar information at that seems to be popular. If somebody’s posting a certain thing and gets a lot of comments and getting a lot of likes, then that’s a topic that you maybe wanna jump on. Now with that to so this week, I want to take your top five competitors focus in on them see what they’re doing, see what they’re posting, see it’s working or not only getting comments, are they

getting responses? and then use that as a tactic for your content. You know what should you be posting are you to compete online with your competitors so do that go fight crime find out what they’re doing and will check you next week

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