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Debbies’ Tip’s – Practice, Practice, Practice


Hello and welcome to Debbie’s daily tips and today we’re going to talk a little bit about practice you see it’s interesting to me that often real estate agents get just good enough to get by and then they stop learning and they stop practicing I saw something on a presentation it was a slide and it was a skeleton of a dinosaur and it said you were good Once Upon a Time you know I want you to think about that somewhere out there and every Market there is that new up-and-coming superstar that is practicing and if you are not practicing when you meet them at the table competing for that listing they will beat you so you’ve got to build time into your schedule take the scripts maybe one script a week maybe one script a day you know you can do something we called chanting it out loud you just read it over and over and over out loud In the car work out at the gym you know carry the scripts around with you so if you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or at the dentist office you can grab your script so you can read them you know when I’m preparing for an event I probably spend a hundred hours going over my script so that when I walk on stage and it’s showtime I’m a natural right doesn’t sound like a canned presentation and you know the old saying practice makes perfect so let’s set aside some practice time in your schedule today alright have a great day guys I’ll talk to you soon.

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