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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Out of State Absentee Owners


Out of state absentee owners, in my thinking, are some of the best.  You know, you can call the absentee owners that, you know, live in Irvine and have a rental in Irvine, but think about this.  An absentee owner that lives in, hmm, Arkansas, and owns a property in Irvine, they are completely out of touch with the market.  They have no idea what’s going on with prices, they probably don’t even know how the property looks.  It may be such a long time since they’ve actually physically visited the property.  So with out of state absentee owners, you’re going to find the rejection when they call them is fairly low, because they want to know.  They want answers.  They have questions.  And even if they’re not interested in selling right away, you may want to consider putting together a little database, absentee owner farm, and stay in touch with these people over the next few months.  Possibly even the next year.  Because you never know.  Once you open that door, talk to them about the values, the opportunities in the market, they may decide it’s easier just to sell the property and bring their money closer to home.

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