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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Estate Sales


So next we’re going to talk about another category that I think doesn’t occur to very many agents.  Estate sales.  So, this is an interesting one because we don’t know if they’re selling, and yet, I read something years ago that was a ridiculous statistic, like 90% of people who sell their home call a plumber before they call a realtor.  So, the leaky toilet, the dripping faucet.  Well, isn’t an estate sale a little bit like that?  You know, they’ve lost a loved one, the home is, you know, accumulated years of souvenirs and memorabilia and collections.  And they cannot sell the property with the home in that condition.  So what do they do?  They have an estate sale.  They clean out the property.  This is long before they call a realtor.  And then once again, there you are.  You know.  “Do you need some help?”  “Do you have any plans to sell this property?”  And even if they don’t have a plan right away, follow up.  Right?  Pretty easy niche, considering the fact that I don’t think you’re going to have to stand behind a lot of other realtors trying to get to the door.  Might be one you like.

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