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Tech Tuesdays – 5 Reasons to Get Personal Within Your Neighborhood Blog


A Neighborhood Blog can be very straightforward. Many blogs attract return viewers by offering valuable content week after week. However to really keep people coming back, it may be a good idea to get personal. Here are five reasons why getting personal might just work for you …

  1. Viewers are more likely to trust someone they feel they know.
  2. It does not take very much information to make a viewer feel that they really know you.
  3. Loyalty is important because you never know who is going to pop up with a similar blog, if you are more than an anonymous face your viewers are more likely to chose you over a new blog with similar content.
  4. There are many similar versions of the same webpage, these versions are often lost to Google because their content is not as varied. Keep your version of the same content unique by adding something only you can: you.
  5. Why not? Really, every thing is done online these days from dating to working to grocery shopping. Why not let your viewers see a fraction of the real you.

Remember to only share what you are comfortable sharing and a little at a time. Your neighborhood blog is not a personal diary, but sharing your pet’s name and your favorite restaurant is fine.

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