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Debbies’ Tip’s – The Art of Listening


Debbies’ Tip’s. I wanted to talk to you about is I wanted to talk to you about the art of listening you know great salespeople are not just great talkers because when we talk we don’t learn we don’t here we don’t understand the needs that the buyers and sellers have I remember reading an article a while back where they had interviewed some buyers and sellers and the biggest complaint that they had about the real estate industry is that we don’t listen now I think we listen now they’re they’re talking out of what they’re really saying though we weren’t listening to understand so it’s not enough to be a good talker I really want you to work on perfecting the art of asking great questions and being a great listener okay so don’t listen to gather information listen to to understand listen to hear the needs and wants of that particular client and guess what when you listen carefully they will tell you exactly how to sell them right and remember our job as a great salesperson is to listen to understand and to help them overcome their fear and hesitation to achieve the goal that they have set right so remember today less talking more questions and more listening I’ll talk to you soon.

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