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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Eviction Notice


How many of you have personally suffered the pain of evicting a tenant of yours from a property?  If you have, you know the frustration and the hassle and usually the mess that they leave behind.  Now, if you’re a savvy landlord, maybe this doesn’t bother you.  But for many of the absentee owners or the rental property owners that own one, maybe two, this can be exactly what they need to drive them to the brink of frustration and make them want to just throw in the towel and get rid of the property.  And that’s why paying attention to these eviction notices could be another great category for you.  Because that allows you to get to them, see if they might want to sell.  Now, if they don’t want to sell because they really like being a landlord, great.  You might be able to sell them a new rental property.  So maybe they can list their property.  Maybe they’d like to buy a property.  Maybe you just simply want to add them to your database because the express an interest in doing something in the future.

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