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Tech Tuesday’s – Why Every Real Estate Agent Should have Evernote


Evernote is a combination tool that provides both a notepad and photo record in one program. It’s ideal for thought-catching, but it’s even more useful for combining words and images at the same time. For a real estate agent who sees the ideal moment to use for selling a home, this tool is outstanding. It works great on mobile apps, and the same data can be accessed on the webs version with the same account. The tool works wonders when catching a client’s specific interests and then turning them around into a list of viable properties. And that’s just the beginning of what this tool can do in a real estate agent’s hands.

Here are a few ways to use Evernote in your Real Estate Business, according to Krisstina Wise, of the Good Life team in Autisn Texas … who, BTW , is my personal choice for the “Evernote Ninja” of Real Estate …

Here are a few ways that Evernote can be every realtor’s power tool.

  1. Create a notebook for every single customer.
  2. Start the buying process before you even get back to the office.
  3. Make a habit of saving everything to Evernote.
  4. Make use of mobile devices and Evernote’sTrunk integrations.
  5. Train your staff.
  6. Share with multiple team members.

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