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Star from Denver Colorado we were at we found were founded by a guy named Dave crumby about 7 years ago or so launch the product just a couple years ago a difference between realvolve CRM and other companies other CR his dad were founded and started by real estate agents for the real estate industry very specifically so almost everybody on our leadership team excluding me was a real estate agent comes from the industry or chief Innovation officer worked in the CRM industry in real estate for 25 years day of our founder was a real estate agent in Phoenix I was a loan officer but that’s as close as I’ve gotten to the industry to really from day one we were all about real estate and there was some real problems and challenges that some of us had before we started and we wanted to solve those problems with with real voice And then insert that up to ages you were showing me earlier about your see around totally different than other ones that I’ve seen so what makes realvolve unique different than the other CRM options are available today on the market Yeah a CRM is a fundamental thing to any business as you and I both agree you have to build your business on platform that support the right kinds of behaviors in the right processes our philosophy is that your data is your data as a real estate agent that your people should be your people and so we do a lot of insights into a real estate agent own database to help them stay in touch and keep clients we talked a lot about words that that your broker has never used that there you know their coaches have never used because it’s tried-and-true business practices Connected with people and those are two totally different things you can’t be affected with fishing with people you have to be affected with people you can be efficient with your things so we use work clothes and work clothes are a game changer in the industry We Believe very strongly that every agent should focus on their process and focus on their people before they focus on leaves right and it’s all about people leads are a conversation opportunity and their relationship opportunities are not a conversion opportunity Chinese company and there’s nothing wrong with that but we’re not investors from another country that wanted to make money in real estate so we created a software program we’re not tacky use from some techworld wheel of the industry we have connections in either stream we were wanted better and we collaborate with agents and Brokers everyday take their feedback and try to apply to over doing what I love to but earlier when you were showing me was really to have my database in there and not only help me to follow up with my database but then also give me some time doing to me was one who’s awesome part of what it is that you guys were doing that brokerage subscribe All of the above we I think just because of how we got started early on we had a lot of teams that we started working off working with really really early but we have a lot of individual agents we have some people that are growing into teams now we have teams we have established brokerage is all of the above Free trial at real valve.com 14 day free trial no credit card required try it out we would love to chat with you and show you what we got awesome very good deal thank you for sure it’s time for a real reports we’re done here thank you

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