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Realty News – Will Using Internet Slang Help Real Estate Listings?


New words and slang have a way of starting out to be mere jokes and then slowly worming their way into the common vernacular. The invention of the computer has brought about all kinds of phrases and sayings, but as a professional you can’t talk to your extremely valuable clients in internet slang, right? Well, maybe not. While you never want to come across as immature or unreliable, there are ways to work in a little bit of color into your listings which may help set you apart.

When To Do It

You should know your area better than everyone else, so this is obviously the first consideration. While there are different types of people in every neighborhood, you should see certain traits, values, budgets and goals time and time again. Ask yourself who your customers are, and what would they be most likely to respond to? When every flyer or listing looks the same, then you might assume it must be the details of the home that set it apart. You’re already using professionally made photos and concise writing, so at that point its out of your hands.

Or maybe not. If you have a home or apartment that has been on the market for a while with little to no interest, then what do you have to lose? By running an ad or creating literature with a simple “OMG Look At this House,” you might catch someone’s eye and make them chuckle. There can be stiff competition in a lot of parts of the United States, so why not do something different? It’s a risk, but fortune also favors the bold. People have genuinely become comfortable with these types of acronyms, and may think of you as someone who will be good to work with because you don’t take yourself too seriously.

How To Do It

We recommend you don’t do this too often. As mentioned above, maybe experiment first. You’re already working so much in acronyms all day anyway so you’re just extending the concept a little so you can have a new selling tool. One or two within an ad is fine, or you may even want to consider doing a conversational ad showing two phones with one person telling another about a new home on the market. Whatever you do, stay creative and listen to the reactions so you know whether or not a certain tactic is working.

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