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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Eviction Notice

How many of you have personally suffered the pain of evicting a tenant of yours from a property? If you have, you know the frustration and the hassle and usually the mess that they leave behind.

Realty News – Will Using Internet Slang Help Real Estate Listings?

New words and slang have a way of starting out to be mere jokes and then slowly worming their way into the common vernacular. The invention of the computer has brought about all kinds of phrases and sayings, but as a professional you can't talk to your extremely valuable clients in internet slang, right? Well, maybe not.

Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – REO

Do you have a lot of investors that you’re working with, and you can’t find properties for them? The new REO category may be something that will help you.