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Be Informed – Marketing with Photography for Real Estate Agents


Photography marketing is a great way for real estate agents to get their properties out into the online market place. Agents can spend a couple hundred dollars on the photography and make a significant amount in sales. Some agents think that a shot with an iPhone or a low end digital camera will be sufficient, but chances are the listing will receive hardly any notice. Listings done with a professional photographer may receive over 1,000 hits in a matter of days. By contrast, an unprofessional photograph may go barely noticed after over a year.

Even high end listings of over $2 million can be sold in a matter of days. A real estate agent with quality photography will make sure that buyers will find the listing. First impressions matter, a buyer that sees a poor quality photograph will likely pass on a house if it does not appear the agent has put a lot of effort in the presentation. In the same vein, homes with professional photography sell for more money when they do sell. Sellers know the agent is serious when they are spending the kind of money to promote and make the property look as good as possible.

There are benefits to photography that only a few real estate agents take into account. If a real estate agent chooses the professional photographer option they will have a step ahead of the competition. Many agents discount the effectiveness of photography when they create their listings. There are many different qualities of camera, but the real judge of real estate pictures is the skill of the photographer. One might have the money for the best camera on the market, but if they have no skill with lighting or perspective, the shots will not turn out as well as they could.

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