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Winning with SEO – Drones!


All right, so I have used today’s video as an excuse to bring out my drone. It’s my new toy. We use it for our clients for SEO. We create short videos for them. It’s a great tool for selling property, for showing a different view then people are used to seeing. Especially if you’ve got great great curb appeal it’s going to be an awesome video.

Google owns YouTube so post it there following the key word and theme stuff that  we covered in previous episodes.  It’s great content and Google is hungry for content, so you want to keep posting that stuff. And Google being hungry for content, they want the content to come from you. So what I want you to think about is owning this content. There are a lot of companies that are providing services for as low as $100 where they will create a really cool site that has the drone fly over. It has the gallery, it has video inside the property, links for financing, everything you would want to sell the property which is beautiful, but it’s their website. You know it’s their information. If you look at the URL , it’s their URL, it’s their domain, it’s not yours.

So when you talk to these people, find out about getting the content for yourself. Post it on your own website, post it on your own YouTube channel and then  don’t delete it. As I mentioned a second ago, Google is hungry for this content so if you are just posting it and you are selling a property you are pulling it off, Google does not see that anymore and they want to. So just mark it as sold and put information about the sale.

And then in our next episode we are going to talk about reviews and testimonials. That’s a great place to put the testimonial if you sold the property and the buyer or the seller, whichever side you are on, or both, is super happy and you put a testimonial with that, that’s going to build confidence when prospects are looking at your website. So we are going to talk about that next week and we will see you then.

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