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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Negative Assessment

The negative assessment category is a category that may indicate that the homeowner purchased that property at the peak of the market. Now they’re upside down in the property, or, potentially, what we would call a short sale.

Realty News – Spring Housing Outlook

The spring season means more than warmer temperatures and longer days. Traditionally, it is also the season of property listings and open houses. After a long, brutal winter, buyers and sellers are both eager to get started on their home buying journey. What can we expect to see as the spring real estate market heats up this season?

Tech Tuesdays – Using Stealth Websites To Generate Leads

Stealth websites are pretty common now and many individuals tend to trust them more than typical realtor websites. And remember, when consumers do thier searches through Zillow and Trulia, you don’t get the leads … unless you pay!