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Tech Tuesday @ C.A.R. Expo – Buffini and Company


When we went to the California Association of Realtors’ Expo this year, we talked with all sorts of interesting businesses supporting the real estate industry. We are highlighting some of the most interesting as part of our new Tech Tuesday series here on ReboReports (though, in order to bring these videos to you in a timely fashion, they won’t actually be coming out on Tuesdays).

As with the other videos in this series and on this site, this is not a paid endorsement.

In this video, Benutech’s Brian Fox talks with Paul Thiboutot, from Buffini and Company, a major training and coaching company. Their approach, making an agent’s work life simpler and more fun, has carried them to the top of their field, and we thank them for taking the time to talk with us.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brian Fox. I’m with Benutech, and we’re here today in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center. We’re going to be interviewing different tech companies, real estate companies, service facilities for you that hopefully can, you know, play a part and help enhance your real estate careers.

BRIAN FOX: Hello, it’s Brian Fox again, and we’re here at the Long Beach Convention Center, here with Paul Thiboutot, from Buffini and Company. Paul, you’re here today for what reasons? Tell us about Buffini and Company.

PAUL THIBOUTOT: Well, we’re a coaching and training company, basically, and so we’re here to represent who we are, and so we have a new CRM program, which we are demonstrating here as well, so that’s kind of our new item. But, yeah, we’ve been here, this is the third year now.

FOX: Very good. I know that there’s a lot of coaching companies that are out there, sales training companies that are out there, what makes Buffini and Company different than the others?

THIBOUTOT: Well, I just think that it’s very simple. Brian [Buffini]’s a systemizer, so everything is a system, and it’s very straightforward, very easy to do. And so people gravitate towards it because it is so simple. And it’s all about relationships. So, what we teach people to do is fun, it’s actually more fun to do than a lot of the cold calling and door knocking that they’ve done in the past. So that’s really what our claim to fame is. We’ve been doing it for 16 years, and it’s working very well. We’re the largest company of our type in the space.

FOX: Very, very good. To Realtors, then, what do you think is the biggest benefit of using a company, or using Buffini and Company, what is the biggest benefit to a Realtor of using you guys?

THIBOUTOT: Well, actually, the biggest benefit is it simplifies their life. It simplifies their life in the sense that they don’t have to worry about what to do every day. We set it up for them. They just, we just get them to do their database, we download everything. We ask them to just give us their goal, how much money they want to make, and then we get their average sale price, and then we say “Ok, in that case, this is what you need to be doing to achieve that goal.” And it’s very simple, straightforward, and within an hour or two every day, they’ve got everything they need to do to win a day.

FOX: That’s outstanding. Paul, thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it.

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