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Debbies’ Tip’s – The Holidays Do Not Begin On Halloween.


I welcome to ReboReports and this is Debbie’s weekly tip. Okay so here’s the big one for today. The holidays do not begin on Halloween. Ok here’s what I mean by that, you know what real estate agents often do maybe even done it in the past. You know it’s been a tough year and a little bit tired I deserve a break. You know I think I’ll just not start any new projects are all will not fire up on my prospecting until the new year and I’ll just kind of cruise through the end of the year. Well of course we expect that you want to spend some time with your family over the holidays and you want to have some fun but you know it’s a little bit more fun when you actually have some money to spend when you can afford gifts or great dinner or time off on a short little getaway between Christmas and New Year. So guess what keep working alright so take the rest of the year figure out your days you’re going to work, figure out your activities you’re going to do, set a goal and when the new year comes you’re going to be so glad that you did this because you see you’re either going to take action in the fourth quarter or you’re going to spend the first quarter. Digging yourself out of the ditch that you created by not prospecting. Alright so let’s don’t let that happen let’s finish the year strong and surged into 2017 with power and if you’d like a little copy of a short-term business plan that we share with our clients happy to share that with you Debbie@excelleum.com. Alright so remember the holidays do not begin on Halloween keep working!

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