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Tech Tuesday’s – Google’s Latest Ranking Changes


What’s up people I’m the Real Estate Coach in this is tTech Tuesday. All right guys let’s take a peek behind the curtain. When it comes to Google’s latest ranking changes and how it affects your SEO mama always told me keep it simple stupid or kiss and a recent conversation with allison check chief marketing officer and YP marketing solutions google search quality senior strategist Andre lip pots ever say that three times broke it down to these three areas quality content inbound links and the coolest one ranked brain the artificial intelligence system google now uses to produce a large number of its search queries and results now for quality content while correct grammar and
spelling are obviously important quality content involves a lot more including strategic use of keywords timeliness
topical relevance and length quality not quantity in regards to inbound links there are form of online currency that has the power to increase or decrease our website value rather dramatically they can quickly add perceived value and authority and reputation to your site as well as all the content you publish thanks to that little thing we call the halo effect conversely low quality and bound links
could have the opposite effect so it’s critical that brands and businesses regularly audit links pointing to their sites as a means of quality control and finally that cool piece ranked brain if your search query includes the word jacket rank brain may include results for code as well and if Frank brain doesn’t recognize a word in the search query it will interpret the context of the search query and make an intelligent guess as to what kind of results are ultimately desired this now gives the opportunity to loosen the reins and create more organic content in a natural voice without having to worry about how to manipulate the content to play nicely in the keyword sandbox overall what this tells us is it’s an ever-changing organic environment at Google and keeping up is absolutely essential so on this one I’m gonna wish you get a lot guys you take care we’ll see on the next video. I hope you enjoyed that video. If I can help you in any way please get a hold of me either by phone or by email you can reach me it 562.646.6710 or email me therecoach@gmail.com We’ll see on the next video

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