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Tech Tuesday @ C.A.R. Expo – Point2 Technologies


When we went to the California Association of Realtors’ Expo this year, we talked with all sorts of interesting businesses supporting the real estate industry. We are highlighting some of the most interesting as part of our new Tech Tuesday series here on ReboReports (though, in order to bring these videos to you in a timely fashion, they won’t actually be coming out on Tuesdays).

As with the other videos in this series and on this site, this is not a paid endorsement.

We here at Benutech appreciate the power of data, since our core product, ReboGateway, is built upon the idea of using data to help real estate professionals become more efficient and achieve better results. For that reason in particular, Point2 Technologies caught our attention at the CAR Expo. While their product offerings are primarily customer relationship management tools, they differentiate themselves by providing big data-based listing syndication solutions. We thought you might be interested in how they bring these two concepts together, and so we sent Brian Fox to interview Saul Klein, Senior Vice President of Point2 Technologies.

California Association of Realtors Expo 2013 brought to you by Benutech and ReboReports, your online real estate professional resource center.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brian Fox. I’m with Benutech, and we’re here today in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center. We’re going to be interviewing different tech companies, real estate companies, service facilities for you that hopefully can, you know, play a part and help enhance your real estate careers.

BRIAN FOX: Hello, it’s Brian Fox, with ReboReports, we’re here at the Long Beach Convention Center today with Saul Klein, of Point2 Technologies. Saul, can you tell our viewers what is Point2, what products do you guys offer for them?

SAUL KLEIN: Sure. You bet. Point2 is a technology solution provider in the real estate industry. And we create what people call websites, really customer relationship management tools. The ability to track clients, keep track of clients, keep your communications straight with clients and customers. So there are many such products in the marketplace today, and Point2 offers what we believe to be a good offering. Point2 is a little bit different from some of the others in that we provide a gated distribution service, sometimes referred to as syndication. So what we do is we go out to a number of multiple listing services across the United States, we gather that data, we normalize it, that is, we put it in a language that’s compatible and that the big portals can understand, and then we ship that data out to the portals. And what that results in is more exposure, we hope, more leads, and hopefully more closings for realtors.

FOX: Gotcha. Do you guys have competitors, and, if so, what makes you guys different than your competitors that do similar things?

KLEIN: So, we have competitors in the CRM world, and there are many of those companies that provide website/CRM tools. Typically they don’t syndicate, though. They don’t have the data distribution capability to be able to then bring leads back. So that’s a little bit different. In the area of data distribution itself, we also have a competitor. That’s a big field. And that competitor is ListHub, that’s owned by Realtor.com, and together with ListHub in the marketplace for 8, 9 years now, and both companies pretty much have access to about 95% of all of the properties that are listed for sale in the United States.

FOX: That’s excellent. So, from the Realtor’s standpoint, what is the biggest benefit for dealing with your CRM, what is the biggest benefit that they can achieve from that?

KLEIN: Well, the first thing is just being organized and using the tool that’s easy to use. The second thing is the exposure that comes through the syndication and data distribution efforts. And then the third are any leads that might come back from those efforts.

FOX: Very good. Saul, thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it.

KLEIN: My pleasure.

FOX: Thank you.

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