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Realty News – Housing Predictions


Not long after the boom and bust of the housing market there are now some viable concerns for the change over of the housing market. Though the housing market has recovered and leveled off from the recent crash and subsequent spike. House prices are no longer highly undervalued as they were in recent years but they have not yet met the higher values that the early 2000s brought. Thus far, the housing market has recovered nicely, bringing increased value to homes.

Consumers hope that 2015 will be an even better year for the housing market, especially for those looking to sell their homes. Subsequently, after the fall of the economy, the consumer demand for housing increased as more and more individuals hoped to make a quick dollar off the severely undervalued homes and properties that were being sold. Now however, homes are closer to their actual value and there is now less demand for homes than during the slump.

That however did not deter many from saying that they felt that 2015 was going to be better for the consumer and that owning a home was part of achieving the American dream. It is now more important than ever that those seeking to own a home are more optimistic than ever about the housing market as it stands in 2015. More renters than ever are ready and want to own a home despite the changes that have been taking place with the housing market.

On top of the recovery of the market, more and more people are acquiring stable jobs making owning a home possible. Though the market is recovering nicely, rising home prices are making it seem as if it is now time to buy before prices become too high and it is no longer possible for many to take advantage of the low prices. The realty market now depends on the fundamentals in order to truly stabilize. Job growth, rising incomes, and more information about households is necessary for those involved in the market to truly claim that it has fully recovered and before the market can take any steps forward or backward either way.

Though price gains are low, the overall affordability of homes is worsening making for the potential for a disappointing year as far as growth goes. That being said however, only time and the market will tell if the progress will continue or if the market is set to take a step back.

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