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Realty News – A Family-Run Business out of Austin, TX Becomes a Real-Estate Leader


Anyone who has spent any time working in the real-estate industry understands that this sector of the economy can be a challenging place. For an example, see what happened to the industry around eight years ago; however, there are still heartwarming success stories of small real-estate businesses growing into industry leaders.

In 1976, Michele Turnquist had a dream to join the real estate industry. Shortly after placing a little faith in her dream, she closed her first deal. She reminisces that she held her daughter in one hand while writing down an offer with the other hand. She remembers the piece of paper was resting on the hood of a car.

Shortly after that deal, the businesses began to take off. She and her husband, Steve, were originally from Austin, TX and grew up in the area. They both entered the real estate industry together. Around 1995, they realized that this business could actually wind up being their entire career. They formed Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc., in 1995. Over the next two decades, this business would grow into one of the most recognized real estate brands in all of Texas.

About a year ago, Turnquist Realtors expanded even further. They purchased a group called Engel &Volkers, which covers the San Antonio area. With this latest acquisition, their influence spans from San Antonio to Austin and even as far out as Corpus Christi. This business started as a family dream and has grown into one of the most influential real estate groups in the country.

The Turnquist story should serve as a source of inspiration to anyone questioning whether or not they can make it in real estate. With a dream, some hard work, and a large amount of perseverance, it is possible.

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