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Winning with SEO – What are Backlinks?


Today we’re going to talk about “backlinks”. I don’t think it is something we have covered in much detail in previous episodes so I will kind of give you a feel for what backlinks are, and I am going to touch on what backlinks are good, which backlinks are bad, and where you can get good backlinks.

A backlink is literally that. It’s a link from another website to your website. And in the past with SEO, pretty much all you had to do was pay India to build a million backlinks for you. And you were going to start to show up for whatever topic you were after. But Google has worked hard over the last several years to get rid of that. Now you only want to build really strong relevant backlinks from sites, like industry sites, the realtor site. Anywhere that is real estate related, tied to your industry. Even your MLS listings are going to come back to your website. Those kind of places you want to build links back to your website. You want to post those anywhere you can and you want to post them like I said on places that are relevant to the industry.

If you are into cars and you are on a car  forum all the time, having it in your signature might not help or its probably actually not going to help. So you don’t want to do that.  There are ways to do that successfully. You can ask questions and we can help with that but on a  general standpoint you just  don’t want to do that.

Now the other side of that if you are in a real estate forum where people are posting all the time about either peers or whatever and the topic is real estate focused, that’s a great place to put those links.  As you build up credibility in a forum you can put a signature in there and that would be a great place for links and Google loves that cuz forums have a lot of activity.  If you are posting on blogs and if a friend in real estate has a blog and you contribute to it that’s a great place for links. So think about backlinks, maybe Google backlinks and kind of look at what they are. Or just take it from a standpoint of thinking about places that are tied to your industry – your certifications, your boards, you are tied to your licenses, all these different places that you have to deal with to do what you do, make sure you have good information on there. And not only the backlink. if they allow you to put a bio and stuff like that put your keywords in there, put a good description talk about what you do and follow that theme stuff that we have covered before  So think about trying to get some of those links. Good quality links and we will talk to you next week.

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