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Tech Tuesday’s – Express Cash Flow

Real Estate agents and brokers are just like all small business owner’s, you need money in order to grow your business. Trouble is, your commission doesn’t get paid until after a bunch of other people do their jobs, even after you’ve done yours.

Realty News – Will Using Internet Slang Help Real Estate Listings?

New words and slang have a way of starting out to be mere jokes and then slowly worming their way into the common vernacular. The invention of the computer has brought about all kinds of phrases and sayings, but as a professional you can't talk to your extremely valuable clients in internet slang, right? Well, maybe not.

Realty News – Commonly Overlooked Tax Breaks For Real Estate

During tax season, people are always looking for tax breaks but there are three tax breaks that people often do not know about or consider pertaining to real estate. If you have recently purchased real estate or made renovations of some sort, you should take a look at the three most commonly overlooked real estate tax breaks.