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ReboReports – Winning with SEO: The right and wrong way to share content.


Austin here with another episode of Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. We had a good question how do you should we always talk about content and once the right and wrong way to share content. Ok so one thing that we got a you got to think about is that Google wants unique content so just going to somebody’s website and like copying an article from them and bring it over. It’s not going to help you that much. If you do that and you take credit for it that’s also plagiarism. So that’s the you want to avoid both those things however there is a right way to share that stuff if you really think that that’s going to be useful for your customer and it’s relevant. There’s a couple ways you can do it. One is you can take and write a little summary you know like write a paragraph about what you saw what you thought about it you know here’s the cliff notes version and for more information make sure you link to it. Google likes to see a few outbound links. They want to see that you’re not trying to hoard these visitors. Basically that you’re willing to share or the other approach is if it’s really good information and then let’s say it’s generic industry information and it’s not rocket science or something that only they figured out you can take that and just rewrite it yourself. You know look at it read through it get the information from a do a little bit of your own research and write the same thing you know so you’re basically doing writing the same thing that they’re writing but you’re making it your own you’re making it unique and just make sure it’s not something where like this person has some really new cutting-edge ideas that they spent a lot of time figuring out. You know don’t just rewrite that and make it your own that’s not fair I guess but share it you know come up with your own if its general or write about it tell people that’s cool. Especially anything that ties into where interest rates are going or you know the housing market in the area those kind of things. You know just don’t copy paste that stuff. Some find some way to spin it make it your own summarize it linked to it and share it that way or just shared on Facebook. Like take a link and just post that on your Facebook page because that it’s going to link to them they’re gonna like it if they’re not drink better as they might even mention you and you might get some traction from it for your website too so it’s a good way to handle sharing content. I hope that helps.

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