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Winning with SEO – Mixing Up Your Posts


Hey there Austin from ACU Web here again for Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. In our previous videos we always talk about content and sure half the videos at least cover something about content and what I want to talk about today was just mixing it up. Don’t just post properties, new listings, sold listings. People aren’t going to be interested in that and besides creating the content Google is looking for content that people find interesting.  Are they liking it? Are they sharing it? Are they watching it? All the way through, you know that kind of thing. So again today’s message is mix it up. You’re gonna want to post new listings are we going to post that stuff but mix in other things in there.  You can build rapport with your potential customers by posting some personal stuff if you’re out doing local community events or you’re doing something that you think is interesting and will strike a chord or help you build trust with people. You know put that in there.  Again local, share local events that are coming up share things about the community and especially in real estate. Where people are going to be moving to a new area potentially they’re gonna want to know about the schools so post-school advice. You know the all those things that you know that important to your customers share that kind of information share interesting news about interest rates. But you know get out of it – there’s something called shoulder inches which are things that are not directly related to say real estate but similar enough that they’re on topic. You know I guess that the community stuff it’s not exactly real estate information but it’s going to help Google see what city are from, what type activities and tell you some more stuff in google and make it less boring for the people that you’re sharing this stuff with. You know if it’s only listings how many people are going to keep you on their Facebook are going to come back to your website. You know they’re going to come there when they’re trying to buy and if your ranking and doing the things that we’ve covered that’s going to be great. But you will also have those prospects that are ready to buy that are just getting into the market, might be buying a few years you know you’re playing the long game with them and you want to put stuff that’s interesting so they don’t unfollow you and stop looking stuff. So keep that in mind mix it up try to share things that are interesting have fun with it and check out our next episode.

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