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CAR Expo 2017 – Corefact! Part 2


So list assist is it is a new product report fact we’ve had it for about a year now and the beauty of list of 6 is that what you do is you essentially staying on on carfax.com and you do it once and then what it does it automatically generates all the marketing materials that you need for that listing so free sample of single property website so that you have a visual presence to drive leads to a just listed card so you can show cast of The Neighbors which the activity that you’re doing a door knocker a property for everything that you need Entire listing marketing package in about 5 minutes what else what else is new what else you got the microphone this is your show right now so what else is newInsert been telling us is that we love corefact we love Rebo Gateway but we don’t have any time and so what we’ve done is we put together the LEAP program which allows agents to effectively create an ongoing campaign where we take care of all the content we do all the work for them all they have to do is say I want to do it we build beautifully designed cars for them and it said on autopilot and all they have to really do is focus on the lead It is important right Rebo Gateway you know whatever whatever you need any more day to go to find your target right so you have your specific targets you want to Market to once you identify in 400 records in an area 500 records in the area by Leeds tournament to corefact Elite then how to make the process yes it’s automated so that your of a postcard that set it and forget it let it go and you could go down meet people which is what you’re doing

People are busy and we want to take as much off your plate as possible very cool now we have a follow-up program you just told me about it yesterday so tell our viewers about that okay so the Core Fact follow-up program where you going to be introducing shortly 1 beta right now is so the the first problem was putting marketing on autopilot right but now that we’re finding out agents also have a challenge following up they don’t know what to say how often to say it you know I got to get these things out right away so what we’ve done is we’ve taken the the process of follow-up and we’ve automated it so we can And with with propria content it so now it’s one less thing you have to worry about so just one address at a time one address at a time so any activity that you have coming either from your CRM system from Rebo Gateway can be plugged into the system and will take care of the outbound marketing for it Then I said I don’t fall off is that a centrally exactly right on I don’t know it’s a lot but those are the primary things that were focused on right now you know we’re always innovating coming up with new content we just love it start cademy which is going to be learning center for real estate agents where they can go and find more information about how to Market and or the best practices and that’s coming out with the next few weeks as well very cool thank you very much

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