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Be Informed – Open House Signage


We will be talking to you today about Open House signage – especially the types that are available and how important the right signage can be to get clients to your open house.

A successful open house serves two purposes.  First, a well-attended open house pleases the seller as they feel you are working hard to sell their house.  Second, we know the greatest benefit to holding open houses is the time we spend with potential clients.  For a few hours, we have the opportunity to be face to face with buyers who are in various stages of their home search.

Also, as realtors, we know that an open house that is empty is a colossal waste of time for everyone involved.

The first step in a successful open house is using signage to your advantage. According to Realtor Magazine, agents Rita and Bryan Burke in the Highland Ranch area near Denver set up between 20 and 40 signs for each open house they hold, and as a result, they sell about 10 percent of their listed homes to someone who visited an open house and they are able to pick up new clients as well.

Depending on the property, a mix of the following signage will ensure your next open house is well attended.

One type of signage is franchise signage.  These signs bear the company logo and are instantly recognizable as realty signs.  Using these types of open house signs will draw the attention of brand loyal homebuyers and will continue to increase brand awareness.

Another type of signage is directional signage.  In order to draw people to the property they have to know where to go.  Directional signage is useful in directing customers into the neighborhood and then on to the property.

Another important piece in your signage would be message riders.  These smaller signs, placed atop of the normal realty sign and advertising an upcoming open house, could be placed up to a week ahead of time to draw the attention of potential homebuyers.

Promotional signs might advertise a giveaway such as free coffee, lunch, etc. that you are having along with the open house.  These draw attention and encourage people to stay at the open house a little longer than usual.

And lastly, consider small, individual signage like old school door hangers.  Placed on the neighbor’s houses inviting them to come see the house for sale or asking “who would you like to have as a neighbor?” are great ways to generate additional foot traffic and leads.

No matter what signage you choose, keep in mind that every town has different rules about the number, placement, and size of signs.  Be aware of these ordinances to make sure you are in compliance with local laws.

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