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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – For Sale By Owner


For Sale By Owners.  This is another familiar category.  Of course, in certain parts of the nation right now, there’s not many of them.  And yet, more of them seem to be appearing.  So, when you’re approaching a For Sale By Owner, the thing to remember about them is a few great things we know.  Number one, they want to sell their house.  Number two, they’re trying to sell their house.  And number three, they can’t get as much money for themselves as you can get for them.  And they really need your help.  Sure, maybe some of them are a little cranky.  So go see them in person.  Because you’ll find that when you get face-to-face with a For Sale By Owner, look at their property, talk about their motivation, they’re just normal people.  And their resistance drops by at least 50%.  And most For Sale By Owners, within 2-5 contacts with an agent, will list their home.  Most agents, though, don’t make 2-5 contacts.  So when you reach out to your For Sale By Owners, be committed to the follow-up until you get them.

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