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CAR EXPO 2017 – DotLoop


Probably some I don’t know none as big as. Leave obviously what makes dotloop unique different than the other options are available out there Why not whole process to instead of jumping from your DocuSign to Dropbox it’s all in one place to streamline that process for you and your client It’s been brought to the table recently underutilized system that we have is the fact that we have apps on Android and Apple devices now so any tablet that you have you can use dotloop and kind of getting contact your client when How to get the updates and forget about in the meantime right which is good for. Loop is it can anybody get access. Loop is it brokerage level only is it agents level I mean who can get dotloop if they want access Platform in an individual agent platform it was just kind of something there for everyone Foreign agent that I need something to help me with my transactions what’s what’s 2 take away what do you really need $4 I would definitely say the very least get on dotloop.com try it out we have a free system out there up to 10 transactions anyone can try it out if it works for you then you can sign up at that point but yeah you just want everyone to leave try it out if we feel like we have the best of everything for an agent broker and team

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