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Tech Tuesday – Up and Coming Real Estate Sites


Real estate can be difficult but having an app or a site on your side that can help you sort through the thousands of listing that come on the market every day can help. Here are a few real estate websites and a bit about what makes them useful.

Zillow/Trulia (Zulia) – this is perhaps the most popular real estate sites and it has been since its inception. This site has an estimated 36,000,000 users and has surpassed all the new sites that have come up against it. It allows for photos, listing info, and even contact information to be displayed along with great sorting tools to help you find your perfect home.

Yahoo! Homes – this is a relatively new application but it is equally useful. They use the map technology that is already in play to help pinpoint homes that are for sale in your area. You can add your own parameters for search which makes for easy sorting of the listings you may or may not want to see. This has an estimated 20,000,000 user base.

Redfin– this is a much smaller app but it is equally powerful. This site has an estimated 6,000,000 unique monthly visitors and it allows you to again further hone your search and see just what is out there. This is a great app or site if you want to shy away from larger companies.

Homes.com– this is a great site that has about 5,000,000 unique users every month and it does have a few extras that make it special. You can again hone your search but you can also see detailed information about the property making this ideal for those that want the scoop on their new potential home.

ApartmentGuide– this is for all those users that want to look for an apartment but may not want a home yet. This has apartment listings that correspond with the search parameters that you add to your search giving you tailored listings.

Xome – Keep an eye on these guys, they are an “Up & Coming” powerhouse! They are under the very large Corporate Umbrella of SolutionStar/Nation Star Mortgage and run by the former executive team at Real Estate Digital, so they don’t need to beg for Real Estate Data, they own it! That makes for a far more accurate choice than the other guys, who still have to buy or beg for data … Not so sure about the name though, Xome? Really? Oh well, not my call.

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