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Winning with SEO: Reviews and Testimonials


Welcome back to another episode of Winning with SEO here on ReboReports.

Today we are going to talk about reviews and testimonials. Two separate things, in how you approach them, but at the end of the day they are really the same thing.

In my last video I talked about having property listings stay on your website, don’t delete them, mark them as sold or whatever the status is, and use them as an opportunity to attach a testimonial to it. If you have a happy person the buyer or the  seller, get a testimonial from them. If it is written, if  they give you  a hand written testimonial, type that up so that Google can read it. A video testimonial would be even better. And you do not need to know fancy production set up, lighting, that kind of stuff, just do it on your smartphone. Especially today’s smartphone they are great video quality. and people are going to be more comfortable with a testimonial from a natural setting – it doesn’t looked staged, it  looks realistic. So get those, put them on your website, put them on your YouTube, and as always, if you are posting a video make sure  in the title you put in whatever your key words are without getting too crazy with it. Have it in your description, keep to the theme (you know that we talked about in previous videos)  and run with that and get those testimonials. Its a great source of content. Somebody else is writing it  for you so Google is loving it, people, prospects that come  to your website, they’re going to build confidence seeing these people that are saying great things about you. So build up those testimonials.

On the other side of that is reviews. Zillow, Yelp, Google Places anywhere that allows users to submit reviews, proactively push for that. Ask people to go out there and share their experience, write about what they liked about the experience. The people that you can’t make happy, you are never going to make them happy and they are going to go there and do it anyway so you want to make sure you’re pushing to get positive reviews. Generally the happy people don’t go out and do it unless you ask them  but they will do it if you ask them. And Google is looking more at, from the SEO perspective, the overall emotion around your business. You know they’re looking at these reviews  and judging whether people are happy with you or not and the only way to do that is to get reviews. They’re looking at all of these sites. So push for those positive reviews. Push those testimonials share that stuff as you get it,  you know be proud of these things and share them and keep to the theme, keep to your key words and we will see you next week.

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