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Be Informed – Open House Timing


Determining the best time for an open house is a common topic of conversation and questions for agents. While there is no perfect time that works for everyone, everywhere, there are days and times that are more likely to result in a better turnout.

Weekends are by and large the most popular times for an open house. Most prospective buyers are off work and ready to shop. This doesn’t mean you won’t have any luck with a weekday open house, but overall, weekends are your best bet.

If you do host a weekday open house, you will of course want to host it after standard working hours, no earlier than four o’clock. Four p.m. to 6 or 7 p.m. are good times. Avoid Fridays, as many people are burned out from a long week, or have banking or other errands to run. Earlier in the week is better.

For weekend showings, don’t make the mistake of holding your open house too early. For both Saturday and Sunday, later is better. While you can hold your open house all day, and it may be tempting to do so to get the maximum amount of attendance, it is actually better to keep your open house shorter. Three hours should be sufficient.

For Saturdays, you can start your open house as early as eleven in the morning, but for Sundays, it is best to wait until later in the afternoon, that way you are not competing with church or sports activities.

As always, in addition to optimal timing, you want to advertise your showing in advance, but not too far in advance. Make sure that you have been effectively marketing your home, and researching your target buyers. Knowing your market will also help you determine what the most ideal time for an open house is.


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