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ReboReports @ C.A.R. Expo – Permit Report


Did the previous owner actually get a permit for that extra bathroom sticking off the side of the house? Are the governmental offices for zoning permits the same as for sewer permits, or will you have to go to another building?

When selling or buying a property, it’s important to know the status of the property with respect to permits. But it’s also a time-consuming hassle, to get that information and hope you’ve gotten all that information.

This is where the company profiled in this video shines. PermitReport.com gathers all the permit information for a property, and delivers it to you online, saving you time and headaches. Need we say more?

As with our other interviews, our goal is to bring you information about ways to make your business better. This is not a paid advertisement for the product, nor is it an explicit endorsement of one product over another – it’s just an interesting conversation with someone whose services might come in handy for making your business run better.

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