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Winning with SEO #4 – Theme


Now that you figured out the keywords for your website (you did, right? It was last episode’s homework…), what do you do with that information?

This episode of Winning with SEO talks about how to turn your keywords into themes, and how to support your theme through your content choices.

Hi there, and welcome back to another episode of Winning with SEO, here on ReboReports.

In previous episodes, we talked about how Google works, how it determines who it’s going to show over another guy, another person, and then we talked about keywords last episode, and I gave you some homework. I wanted you to go and find five keywords that were relevant to what you do, have good search volume, and low to medium competition. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go watch that other episode and come back. They’re all short, and it’s good information.

Today, we’re going to talk about themes. Why having your keywords is so important is that it really drives your theme. Your theme is basically about focusing. You know. Focusing on, let’s use commercial real estate still, focusing your site on commercial real estate. And it’s going to drive your decisions when you come up with content. If you don’t have a website which, highly unlikely for you guys, but, if you don’t have a website, it’s going to help you pick your domain name. But I’m going to assume you all have websites, and what’s going to matter is choosing your content. When you decide to do a blog post, and you’re lying in bed at 11 o’clock at night and you want to write something because you know you need to. What is it going to be about? Start with your keywords. Start with your theme. What is going on in commercial real estate? What should I write? Now, what are my potential prospects that are looking for a commercial real estate agent going to be interested in? This is your theme, and you’re going to want to carry it through.

Your homework, your activity for today is to use your keywords, make sure your theme is crystal clear in your head, write it down, whatever. And come up with ten types of content, ten things you could put on your website, that are in that theme. There’s going to be blog posts, that’s going to be commercial real estate trends, you know, how’s the market doing? Ten tips when thinking about your commercial real estate agent. Ten things to avoid. You know, those kinds of things. Pictures. Examples of properties, commercial properties that you’ve sold or, you know, properties that you’re listing or that you’re representing or whatever the case may be. Keep to that theme. Come up with ten types of things that you can put. Pictures, video, blog posts, properties. Those are the kinds of things we’re looking for.

Next episode, we’ll get into how to use those, and really talk about what types of content there are. So, come back, and have an idea of what you think you want to share with the world, and we’ll help you figure out how to pick specific media, pictures, and maybe what sites you want to put those on, so that people see them. So tune in next week, and we’ll look forward to any questions, comments you have below, we’ll try to address them, and thanks for tuning in.

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