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CAR Expo 2017 – RME Reverse Mortgage Educators Feat. Steve Garvey from the Dodgers


Hello Brian Fox and with ReboReports and I’m here with Rob and Ryan and Mr. Steve Garvey Reverse Mortgage Educators was increasing listening to this kind of What you guys do so we can learn more. So basically what we do is we’re in the business of turning a reverse mortgage into a purchase loan and Steve is do something called increase in your LBI which is your listings brought in and we’ve actually have a procedure that we have that’s our own is proprietary where we take and agents far more we take for an agent works and we show them how they’re going to take clients who would otherwise not be able to list their home and by the next home because it may be qualifying issues ETC and turn it into a viable transaction or they can get a client’s house listed use reverse purchase to buy a home and one of the reasons why it’s actually very liable because we don’t really have FICO score requirements are income requirements And list and by himself this is I’ll just give me an idea what down about 400 classes over the last five years I’ve gotten front about three to four thousand agents and it’s becoming the de-facto way to be able to get out of a home and get yourself to the next home for the clients or 62 or older 62 years of age and older you were saying what are those radiator attribute in the other sort of something that that that you guys look for The Sweet Spot that makes your program work for a homeowner And when they sell the house as is they can extract that Equity out and put that down on another property we can find that reverse on the house were buying and the best part is mortgage payments are optional so they can either not make a mortgage payment or make one so it’s a great way for them to build retirement well stay in a home most importantly and just live life comfortably what you just enough to is that we run regular TV commercial for the people that want to stay in Reverse 60% of those leave that come in our doors don’t qualify Cell and go buy that other house with a reverse purchase you can still enjoy the benefits of reverse mortgage so it’s kind of over again working with realtor could you at your lenders obviously but you’re working with with Realtors because it sounds like you’re educating them on how to go find these people what’s a good joke The way and I are there’s other companies that have this date available for agents that are letting him know how to use certain software ass identify in their market place where the product will fit so really we’re taking a what was once a product that was a refinance product and really didn’t help agents out to something that now is like wow this is a windfall it’s a table for me to wake me to farm it’s a way for me to take something that wasn’t for me and turn into something that’s for me and for my clients and it’s all about using technology about using also not technology because art class of clients individuals that work with still really like the face-to-face transaction and in a world where it’s a way to connect with people that relationship and have a nice transaction in the process so this is a great way to have some of that old-school feel and still deliver product so that’s why Leave on a property or a mortgage default or a tax lien something what do we say to these people in Sussex be the right place at the right time you guys are actually able to educate people on how to go on to find those transactions and imagine what what to do how to gain those transactions Realtors need that very valuable to them which is awesome We’re 6 trillion + equity which is really almost about all the other Generations combined and were talking about trying to figure out why we have shortage of the listings a lot of his because are boomers and all retirees just don’t qualify to go out there by the properties so when we have these generation that has more Equity than anybody but they have a hard time putting that Equity to work to go buy other properties you can see why this product is becoming more popular and receive more transactions whenever his final we have a way for them to be able to take that Equity that was one strap and go out and buy other homes and we need all the real estate agents out there to learn about it and help us do this cuz it’s something that everybody can partake in Right this year we can eat more wins for the Dodgers and we’re where we need to be right Guys thank you very very much we learned a lot preciate it 3 reports thank you very much.

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