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Tech Tuesday @ C.A.R. Expo – Real Estate Trainers


When we went to the California Association of Realtors’ Expo this year, we talked with all sorts of interesting businesses supporting the real estate industry. We are highlighting some of the most interesting as part of our new Tech Tuesday series here on ReboReports (though, in order to bring these videos to you in a timely fashion, they won’t actually be coming out on Tuesdays).

As with the other videos in this series and on this site, this is not a paid endorsement.

Real Estate Trainers, a pre-licensing and continuing education company based in Anaheim, CA, has been in the business for over 41 years. Since they emphasize live, in-person education, Real Estate Trainers may seem like an odd fit for a Tech Tuesday video, but their longevity highlights an important point: sometimes technology isn’t the best solution. Remember, the real estate business is ultimately about people buying and selling homes, and by keeping the personal touch in your transactions, hopefully you can achieve as much success as Real Estate Trainers has. Thank you to Vice President Lance McHarg for talking with Benutech’s Brian Fox for this video.

California Association of Realtors Expo 2013 brought to you by Benutech and ReboReports, your online real estate professional resource center.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brian Fox. I’m with Benutech, and we’re here today in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center. We’re going to be interviewing different tech companies, real estate companies, service facilities for you that hopefully can, you know, play a part and help enhance your real estate careers.

BRIAN FOX: Hello, everybody, I’m Brian Fox, and I’m here with Lance McHarg with Real Estate Trainers. Lance, you’re here at the Long Beach Convention Center for these realtors. What brings Real Estate Trainers here today?

LANCE McHARG: Well, we do pre-license education, which… there’s a bunch of Realtors here who don’t need it, but they have family members and others who are looking to get a real estate license, and so we need to have a presence out here so that the Realtors who know about us, know, hey, come back to Real Estate Trainers for continuing education, and then also send people over to Real Estate Trainers to get pre-licensed.

FOX: Very good. Are you guys local to here, or do you guys travel from out of state?

McHARG: We are local to… Anaheim is our corporate office, although we do education throughout the state of California. We’re strictly a California company, and we know the California BRE inside and out. That’s what makes us unique in the marketplace.

FOX: Very good. Your niche, what makes you different from your competiting companies? There’re a lot of companies out there that do continuing education, and also pre-licensing education. What makes Real Estate Trainers different?

McHARG: Sure, Brian. Real Estate Trainers is more of a live type of setting, where a lot of our competitors are more online, get your education, but there’s no follow-through by the competition. They’re not looking to see if you’re continuing on with your education, if you get your license. We like to have a hand-hold with our students. The best way to do that is through live education.

FOX: Very good. Wrapping it up, biggest benefit to Realtors to use Real Estate Trainers?

McHARG: Long-time company. This is our 41st year in the business, and we’re very family-oriented. Being family-oriented, we have our alumni as a part of our family, and we really cherish that relationship.

FOX: Very good. I appreciate the time, Lance.

McHARG: Thank you, Brian.

FOX: Thank you.

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