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Winning with SEO – Keywords for your Blog and Website Tutorial


Hey everybody? Welcome back to another episode of winning with SEO here on ReboReports. Today we are doing our second video in our series of screen capture how to kind of stuff. We’re actually gonna show you the steps and doing some of the tactics we talked about earlier episodes. In our last screen capture episode we showed you how to look at keywords to the Keyword Planner and at the end of that video I mentioned using that to look at your competition and to look who shows up. So lets just go through that today. So what I’ve done is based on the last video I’ve used the Keyword Tool and I’ve come up some keywords and put those in for us to do research to have a few examples. And literally you’re just gonna go to the list, copy that over, drop it into Google and see what comes up. And let’s go over the results a little bit and we’ll go from there. So Real Estate Agent Riverside California, the three main areas on these Google results that you’re gonna want to look at. These are the paid ads, people here have set up an ad campaign there literally paying every time somebody clicks on one of these ads. And as long as their credit cards going, there showing up and if the credit cards not in there, they’re not. These are the local results Google Places you can list your business putting your address if you have an office you want to make sure you do this. You want optimizer profile and have all the keywords and pictures like we talked about before. But these are your local results. And these are the start of your natural results. You’re always going to have Zillow’s, Yelps, Realtor.com, Yellow Pages in there. So go through the natural results, go past these big guys that we don’t have the budget to compete with, probably. And look for a local agent or you know your local competition. Check out their site and just see what they’re doing. You know not only just in the sense of what keywords they’re using, but how are they marketing themselves. How do you wanna, if somebody comes to their website and your website you know, do you have a similar message? Or do you wanna have a different message? do you like the way it’s designed as a few more professional less professional whatever the case may be a showing that property pictures are the property pictures relevant to the city. You know there’s a handful of houses like this actually in Riverside. And if that’s their target then that’s great. But the other part you want to look at, when we get back to keywords other than the regular features like find your home and sell your home is the blog. We’ve talked about the blog, how often is my competition posting? Well they haven’t posted since January 4th, 2015. So that’s a good sign. If you’re posting more often, your stuff’s gonna get picked up. When did they post before that? I think Jory has one blog post. So maybe not the best example but that’s good to know if he is your direct competition either way looked through you know. What they’re posting? What are they saying? What keywords are there? Can you identify if there is something that you can take away from that and use to your advantage. These tags a lot of times you’ll see tags in the blog that’s basically keywords. WordPress and other blogging sites still calling tags, but going through here look they’re looking at 2015 Real Estate market what they want this post to show up for. Best Corona Realtor thats one of their general keywords what they want to show up for. The names of like that Real Estate prices 2015, so those things to make a note of you know maybe just copy all of these and keep the relevant ones for later. So you can build a list of things that are interesting, like we don’t need, if you’re in Corona that’s great the pricing thing’s great. We don’t need his name or her name whatever the case may be. Now you have those to look at later try. Try to find some more competition, not everybody’s gonna be doing as well as you are if you’ve been following along with these videos, but there is going to be nuggets in there and then that’s what you’re looking for. You’re just scrolling through and just finding the person that’s that’s going above and beyond and taking the time that you’re taking. Make sure you see you can figure out what they’re doing and what you can do differently. Companies like big teams, lets see if they have a blog anywhere? Links to social media is good, we’ve talked about that before. They’ve got their services. Do they have a blog? wordpress this looks like a blog to me. They actually have their blog separate but it’s a great opportunity. How often are they posting? October 12th 2015, some more stuff you know what are they talking about in there? Is it keywords or bragging stuff? You know it’s either going to be relevant content keyword type stuff or its gonna be humble bragging type stuff. Wear it’s just showing why you’re good at what you do, that kind of results you get the kind of rewards you get if you phrase that stuff right you know it’s gonna build confidence with people. So September, so they’re posting monthly and that’s great you’ll go through this and you’ll see. What are they talking about? What keywords are they using? You know we’ve covered that and just see what they’re doing and keep notes of it you know and be a Stalker. You know if you find ones that are that are they really look like they know what they’re doing. Or you know that they’re successful locally and there’s something that you want to compete with. Look at their stuff. If they have a subscription thing, sign up for it, do it. You know get their stuff as it comes though. Follow them on social media and you don’t have to steal their ideas necessarily or copy what they’re doing, verbatim. But you’re doing the same services, So there is gonna be a lot of crossover or a lot of stuff that you can do that they’re doing. That just makes sense you know so so keep an eye on. Watch your competition! Keep track of your keywords and tune in next week!

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