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Be Informed – Weekly Affirmation – FOCUS


Today I would like to discuss affirmations. To begin with, affirmations assist you in directing your energy towards the best outcome. We allow our minds to control our moods and in most case our capacity to follow our system to success. Therefore we must train our minds just like we train our bodies. As you train your mind it becomes stronger just like muscles. To do this I have outlined a simple effective process to insure your simple but effective ways to master positivity in your life. So…..How do we do this? ND SOME OF YOU MAY SAY…Tom why do I want to do this? Some may see this as a waste of time…some have no opinion at all but I guarantee you…if you find the right path to being positive…it will resonate throughout your family and your friends. Let’s give it try…..

  • FOCUS: Start with a focus…..one that makes you feel worthy of connecting. But I caution you not to pick to many subjects at once…..be consistent and repeat the affirmation daily for at minimum 30 days….it takes that long to change the perception and create the habit. Think long term, make it count….words are not any good unless you believe in the focus and goal.

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