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Be Informed – Who is the customer?


Hello I’m tom Iovenitti with Benutech inc, makers of rebogateway and rebocollaboration products. Benutech is the technology industries leading developers of predictive analytics and document transfer systems for real estate companies and sales associates. If you are interested in lead systems that work, that provide up to date daily emails and notifications of life events, rebogateway is your source for increased knowledge and access to immediate business.

The following video is to exercise your thoughts around whom and how do you engage your clients to extract key points of interest to develop the relationship and motivation of their decisions regarding real estate. These questions will assist you in planning a detailed controlled interview of your clients to properly direct your most important goals and focus leading to a final sale.

First a foremost you should already be aware of the following so let’s talk about the customer, the buyer or seller:

    • Who is the customer?
    • Married couple no children
    • Married couple with children
    • Single parent w children
    • Divorced parents?
    • What is there story?
      • What is their motivation?
      • What are key factors in their motivation?
      • How did the change in their lives motivate them to make these decisions?
      • It’s a life event that creates these scenarios!
    • What do you do to interact to find these topics? Do you ask;
      • What is their focus?
      • Hot topics of interest.
      • Their Qualification
      • Thought about real estate
      • Thoughts about debt
      • Thoughts about payment
      • Family thoughts.
      • Thoughts about politics
      • Thoughts about economics
  • The Customer is searching for something specific.
    • Key on their Focus
      • Specifics of their perfect house.
      • Bedrooms
      • Bathrooms
      • Pool etc.
      • Neighborhood
      • Churches
      • Community
      • schools
  • What is their most important issue when buying /when selling?
    • Cost of the purchase
    • Interest rate
    • Payment
    • Taxes
    • Utility cost
    • Color of the carpet
    • Size of the rooms.

You need to ask questions to formulate your outline of the qualifications to purchase or sell. After you have cumulated this information you can now reach out to instruct your clients on the most effective and cost wise investment strategy to a final purchase.

As always, We hope this video gives you some insight into the possibilities and explains that knowledge is power and power creates wealth. The more you know…. the far better chance you have at accomplishing your goals. I’m tom Iovenitti from Benutech, inc, wishing you all the best in your career and until next time…be brilliant.

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