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Tech Tuesdays – Using Stealth Websites To Generate Leads


What are Stealth Websites?

Stealth websites are a new and innovative way that real estate agents and companies are generating leads. They are doing this by creating a website that is not branded by their firm. It is simply a location that people can use to search through MLS for listings they may be interested in. If they are interested, they can request information which is how you generate the lead.

Why is it effective?

  • Converts 10-15% better than a branded website
  • Creates a way to compete with websites like Trulia and Zillow
  • It can be set up in little to no time at all
  • It is an additional website not linked to your main one
  • It can be as inexpensive as free with the right platform and you can spend very little on advertising it

Stealth websites are pretty common now and many individuals tend to trust them more than typical realtor websites. And remember, when consumers do thier searches through Zillow and Trulia, you don’t get the leads … unless you pay!  Start tapping into that market and take back your leads with a stealth website.

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