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Realty News – Has Industrial Chic Hit the Suburbs?


Industrial chic, which was once a relatively isolated interior design model used in loft apartments that had been converted from industrial locations, has now taken on a life all of its own. Industrial chic is characterized by iron, weathered wood, smooth steel surfaces and usually brick. The look became iconic in brick loft apartments of New York that were being repurposed from locations that were not previously used for residential purposes. These included factories, warehouses, and even firehouses.

Today industrial chic can apply to any type of interior design which incorporates these elements. Even standard suburban homes are beginning to incorporate these design elements into homes to create an entirely new style. Industrial suburban brings together the best of both worlds. The cool look of industrial with the convenience of standard residential homes.

So how does the industrial chic look translate into a regular home? One of the most popular ways to bring in the industrial look, also happens to be a technique that can save lots of money in construction. And that is by exposing duct work. Exposed duct work is a surprisingly beautiful way to deal with a common construction element in a stylish and modern way. Many people find that leaving duct work artfully exposed is also less expensive than trying to hide it.

Brick is also an easily incorporated element that can bring a great industrial look to kitchens. Instead of traditional back splashes behind stoves, sinks and counters, cheap and durable brick can be inlaid instead. When coupled with stainless steel appliances you can quickly achieve an industrial look.

Another benefit of this look is that the materials used to achieve it are heavily durable and easy to clean and maintain. This is one of the reasons that these materials are used in industrial America. So it makes perfect sense to incorporate them in homes as well, where maintenance and cleaning are a big issue.

Real estate agents can benefit by learning what elements to look for in homes on the market that can be advertised as industrial chic. Great exposed wooden beams, duct work, lots of steel or iron elements to kitchens and baths as well as durable flooring such as hardwood, are all aspects of this new suburban trend that many home buyers are on the watch for today. Become familiar with these elements so that when you are evaluating homes you can quickly add these to your list of home amenities.

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